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Jorge Villacorta
President of ATA / Lead Researcher

Art critic and independent curator. Bachellor in Genetics at York University, England, has developed at the same time to his scientific activity a strong interest on contemporary Peruvian visual arts research. Since 1997, he has been an Art and Communication professor for the Postgraduate program at the Pontificia Universidad Católica del Perú. Since 1999, he’s been professor for the Artistic Interrelations Seminar at the Plastic Arts faculty, Pontificia Universidad Católica del Perú. From 1993 to 1998, he taught History of Photography at the Gaudí Institute. Advisor for Parafernalia S.R.L. art gallery between 1993 and 1997. He has been responsible for the following expositions, among others: Desplazamientos / Carlos Runcie Tanaka (curatorship); Luz Cuerpo Materia / Xawiery Wolsky (curatorship); Lo Sagrado de lo Profano (Co- curatorship); La Palabra del Otro (Co- curatorship); Carlos Revilla: Retrospective 1955 -  1995 (Co- curatorship); Horizontes Paralelos (Co- curatorship); Documentos: Tres Décadas de Fotografía Peruana 1960 – 1990 (Co- curatorship); ¿¡Kontrakultura!? / Herbert Rodríguez: Retrospectiva del Arte alternativo en Lima, 1979 – 1997 (curatorship); Iter Erraticus / Alberto Casari: Retrospective 1977 – 1993 (curatorship); Billy Hare: Fotografías (curatorship); Ramiro Llona: Retrospective 1973 – 1998 (curatorship); Naturaleza Artificial (curatorship); Geografía de los No-Lugares (curatorship); Pacto con el Momento Incierto (Co- curatorship). In 1999, as a member of Espacios & Márgenes, realized co-curatorship of peruvian visual arts scene, 1979-1999, made up by five tematic expositions, inside the “El Laberinto de la Choledad” Project sponsored by Hivos Foundation. Currently living in Lima and working at the Tissue Bank at the Child Health Institute. Since January 2000, he’s directing Quidam Cultural Action Association, in charge of the management at the Luis Miró Quesada Cultural Space of the Miraflores City Council, Lima, Perú.

José-Carlos Mariátegui
Vice-president of ATA / Research Director

Scientist and media theorist/researcher.  Studied Biology and  Applied Mathematics and has a MSc in Information systems at London School of Economics - LSE (London), where he is a PhD candidate at the Department of Management's Information Systems and Innovation Group ( and carries research on the socio-economic and technological consequences of information growth in the media industry ( Is a founding member of Alta Tecnología Andina – ATA (, dedicated to the development of projects in art, science and technology in  Latin America and Escuelab (, the first advanced research and education space for creativity, technology and innovation in Latin America.  Member of the National Commission of Culture of the Peruvian Government (2001-2002), Founding Director of the José Carlos Mariategui Memorial Museum (1995-2005) and founder of the Festival Internacional de Video/Arte/Electronica de Lima ( Curator of several international exhibitions on media art, such as:“Nueva/Vista: Videokunst aus Lateinamerica; “ViaSatelite” (; “Videografias In(visibles) (, "Emergentes" (  Acted as a node in Tester (  Has been Jury at Videobrasil, Ars Electronica, Competencia VIDA de Fundación Telefónica, Ojo de Iberoamerica, FIAP, among others.  Is a Network Committee Member of Prince Claus Fund (The Netherlands) and of the Advisory Council de Third Text (UK). Lives in London (UK) and Lima (Peru).
Enrique Mayorga
R + D Director at ATA / Researcher (Andean Region)
Studied electronic engineering at the Pontificia Universidad Católica del Perú.  Since then, he took part in several projects that explore interaction among individuals, groups, systems, information, spaces, and moments.  Since 2003, worked jointly with José Carlos Martinat on a series titled stereo reality environments which is a group of interventions that play with the relation between the object-being and its tendency toward a permutation of functions. The 2nd stereo reality environment received the 2005 VIDA Contest Incentive for New Productions Award.  His work has been shown in exhibits and festivals including: ISEA2002 (Japan), Contacto (2003, Peru), VIDA (2004, Spain), VAE (2005, Peru), Emergentes (2007, Spain), and DELIVERI (2008, Peru).
María José Monge
Researcher (Central American Region)
Masters Degree in Anthropology and Art History Bachelor. Independent consultant in arts and culture. Worked for several years in the Museum of Contemporary Art and Design of Costa Rica (Museo de Arte y Diseño Contemporáneo MADC), from where she participated in the production of a myriad of projects oriented to stimulate, promote and spread contemporary Central American visual arts. She has (co)curated exhibitions such as "Las Hijas de eva" (Daughters of Eve) at the Museo Castillo de Santa Catalina, Cádiz, Spain; "Prácticas al margen/estéticas en construcción" (Practices at the margin/aesthetics in construction) at Galería Blassini, Venezuela; Galería DPM, Ecuador; Galería Mateo Sariel, Panamá; Centro Cultural de España, Guatemala; 2006; "La máquina de hacer niebla" (The fog Machine) at MADC, 2005; "Las posibilidades de la mirada" (Possibilities of the Glance)(Museo de Arte Costarricense 2003-2005).  She has taught at the Photography Major at the Colegio Universitario de Alajuela and at the Universidad Nacional a Distancia in Costa Rica.  Has also published essays in diverse catalogues and specialized magazines.



Victoria Messi
Researcher (South American Region)
Born in Buenos Aires City in 1981. Master’s Degree in Fine Arts from the University of Buenos Aires. She is completing the master's program in Science, Technology and Society at National University of Quilmes. Academic Coordinator and professor of “Non-linear languages”at the Master's Program in Aesthetics and Technology of Media Art at the National University of Tres de Febrero. ( International Representative of the Leonardo Education Forum (LEF), for Argentina. Author and developer of El Pez Eléctrico (, site that publishes original articles, videos and texts on art, culture and technology.
Was joint professor at the Graduate Program in Media Arts of UNTREF. Coordinator of Emergentes, a travelling exhibition of Latin American Media Art produced by Fundación Telefónica. She has worked in the production and assistance of several new media, video and photography exhibitions in Argentina. She worked in the production department of the Museum of Modern Art in Buenos Aires (Mamba). She writes texts on art and new media, published in catalogues and journals in different countries. She did the editorial production for several books on photography, media and contemporary art. She presented her artistic videos in several festivals and exhibitions en Argentina, France, Spain, England, Perú and Costa Rica. Lives and works in Buenos Aires.

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